Who is Jesus?

http://scubaworldinc.net/toms-black-Friday.html>toms JesusIf you live in America, you’ve probably heard of Jesus. Most people have some frame of reference for that Name above all names. Maybe you used to go to church with your grandmother. Or, you had a roommate in college who was a Christian. At the very least, you probably know Christmas is a celebration of His birth.

buy generic viagra canadian pharmacy So, you may know of Jesus, but do you know the whole story?

http://thomsenoilco.com/old/wp-admin/ When God created the world, He created us to live with Him — physically in His presence. But when sin entered the world, it separated us from God. That sin required a sacrifice. So God sent us Jesus. He is God’s son, but He was a man just like us. He lived a sinless life, and He became the ultimate, perfect sacrifice. He was the epitome of innocence, but died a brutal death on a cross, a fate reserved for murderers and thieves. But death did not defeat him. Three days after He died, He rose from the grave and He lives – even to this day – and reigns with God in heaven.

We are all sinners, and our sin separates us from God and destines us for hell. The only way we can be made right in His eyes is through Jesus’ sacrifice. God wants you to be with Him and to live with Him forever in heaven. He loves you. That’s why He sent Jesus.

Do you want to accept Jesus’ gift of salvation? Believe in your heart that He is your Lord, acknowledge that in front of others, turn from your sin, and be immersed – dying to your old self and your sin in the water of baptism, and rising as a new creation who has been redeemed by Jesus. If this is something you need to do, don’t wait. Contact us today.